Scratch Made Grape Soda Fermented with Yeast

Grape Soda: The View From Above

Grape Soda: The View From Above

Many moons ago I received an issue of Saveur Magazine that had amongst other awesome fermentation projects a recipe for grape soda made by fermenting champagne yeast in sweet grape juice. The idea is so genius, yeast eats the sugar in the sweetened grape juice and produces CO2 as a byproduct, carbonating the grape juice. I pulled the recipe out and filed it in my “to-try” binder. Months later, when harvest season was in full swing and the Bay Area grocery stores were selling fresh Tempranillo and Merlot grapes I bought a few bunches, juiced them and froze the juice. I ordered champagne yeast.  And then I never got around to making the soda.

Then, as the weather began to warm up and thoughts of grilling in the sunshine filled my head, it was time. What would be a better than a burger and a tall glass of bubbly real grape soda? I liked it so much I used all of my stash of  frozen squeezed grape juice and still wanted more. I bought a bottle of Concord grape juice from a local farmer at the farmer’s market and made the recipe again. EVEN BETTER. Concord grape juice is what canned grape soda wishes it tasted like, sweet and refreshingly tart at the same time. Save yourself the time and dyed fingertips involved with squeezing your own grape juice and buy some good 100% Concord grape juice.

Homemade Grape Soda, The Real Deal Holyfield of Bubbly Purple Beverages!

Barely adapted from Saveur Magazine and all their genius

2.75 cups PURE 100% Concord Grape Juice, or 2.75 cups fresh squeezed grape juice

2.75 cups water

2 tablespoons sugar

less than 1/8 teaspoon champagne yeast ( I used 1/8 teaspoon the first time and it was too yeasty so I cut it in half to the barely measurable 1/16 teaspoon which is essentially a pinch)

1 empty, sanitized 1 liter plastic bottle

Squeeze the grapes if needed and reserve juice. Heat grape juice, sugar and water together in a small saucepan over medium-low heat until slightly reduced, about 20-30 minutes. Remove from heat, sprinkle yeast into mixture and stir to dissolve. Leave mixture in saucepan covered with a kitchen towel for 24 hours.

grapesoda preferment

Before Fermentation

After 24 hours, fill juice into 1 liter plastic bottle with cap tightly secured, you must leave at least 1 inch of head space in the bottle or risk explosion.

Leave at room temperature until bottle in hard as a rock. When it was a little chilly in my apartment this took about 36 hours, but when it was warm and delicious outside it only took about 18. I would plan around 24 hours for the pressure to build up.

The pulpiness is from the fresh squeezed juice, but notice the bubbles that form after fermenting.

The pulpiness is from the fresh squeezed juice, but notice the bubbles that form after fermenting.

Place bottle in the fridge for 48 hours and than enjoy. (Note: At some point this concoction will begin to become alcoholic, it will probably take over a week, so be aware if serving to children or drink faster!)

Ready to Drink!

Ready to Drink!





4 thoughts on “Scratch Made Grape Soda Fermented with Yeast

  1. Great! I will file this in my “to try” too. I will plant Concord grapes in my yard in western MA! Last year I got a gallon of unfiltered apple juice from a friend, and that fermented on its own (I put it in glass bottles when it started to turn). It was delicious.


  2. He got the recipe from his mind. =p I think if you ask him to cook the same dish again, he would have perlbom with the amount of spice to put. So the taste of the dishes he cook is only a one-time thing. Next time he’ll put different spice, so different taste d.

  3. OMG! All this while we have been conned into benleviig that Alvin cannot cook. C’mon, this is professional cooking. May I know from which site he got the recipes from? ~~LOL~~

  4. I wondered what to do with mine! They cover many of our trees and crawl up into the capnoy. Some vines are as thick as my wrist. They kill the cedar from lack of sunlight. Quite the things!

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